Why us?

Sydney Stage Hire forms part of Star Event Productions with over 10 years of experience. We have built a reputation amongst our customers for delivering amazing stage hire for events. We have some of the leading equipment in the industry and unparalleled technicians that know how to use it. Combine this with innovation, passion and drive, we produce the best results for our happy customers.

Sydney Stage hire offers a small, medium and a large stage for the indoor or outdoor use. Sydney Stage Hire is a simple and easy stage hiring solution.
We provide a full service which includes delivery, assembly and collection.

Sydney Stage Hire offering staging rental and affordable stage hire for various periods. Perfect for presentations, conferences, offices, event organisers, houses of worship, schools and more. Stage platforms consisting of modular platforms and risers that can be combined to create customised stages of various heights and sizes.

we blend the latest staging technologies and event engineering with a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced full-time workforce, dedicated to ensuring your event is the best it can be. Our team works to the highest levels of customer-focused delivery, attentive to the aspirations of event organisers and creative designers and always ready to give that little extra. Every project is underpinned by our in-house design team, through to our project managers and on-site stage builders bringing your ideas to life with safe, efficient working practices.

If you are looking for stage hire at an upcoming event and looking for the most reliable staging hire service in Sydney, then contact us. Our friendly team have the experience and quality products you want to help take a lot of the stress away from creating your next great event, no matter how big or small it may be. We are one of the largest stockists of staging hire. We can also supply a range of handrails & step accessories, so our professional staging systems will be as safe as possible.

Whether you’re looking to hire a catwalk stage for a fashion show, or just a platform for a public speaker or maybe you want to hire a stage for your indoor/outdoor festival, we’ve got the right staging package for your event. To find out more call our team 1300 338 368

Our Product

Indoor staging

For many people, the highlight of any organised party or social event is turning
up the music, getting down on the dance floor and dancing the night away. So
why not make it happen in style? Sydney Stage Hire has a range of stage hire
and dance floor hire services that will ensure the later hours of your special
event are a raging success! From 5 or 10-metre stage & cover sets to stages,
synthetic turf and much more, you can trust Sydney Stage Hire to have your
dance floor needs to be covered.

Stage hire Sydney perfect for your next Sydney’s function
Our stages are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events including

• festivals
• fetes
• field days
• award ceremonies
• concerts
• and much more

Outdoor staging

We can build your stage on sloping ground, over obstacles and line up with an
existing stage. This is a very versatile stage system; it can also be built as a splitlevel
stage supplied with ramps, steps with handrails, balustrade, anti-slip top
and carpeted finish. Sydney Stage Hire can also be supplied with a structure roof
canopy built as part of the stage maintaining full roof height allowing full use of
the stage.

Our platforms for staging can be structured to your individual event with T, U
and more shapes.

• Mobile & Portable Stages
• Conference Stages
• Event Opening Stages
• Walkway Stages
• Festival Stages
• Performance Stages

BLOCK SIZE 2.4m x 1.2m Height Adjustable 300 mm to 1400mm

Trailer Stage

Don’t waste precious time on building stages and using a multitude of
suppliers. Sydney Stage Hire makes stage hire painless. Our mobile trailer stages
are excellent versatile units, providing a fully covered professional mobile stage
within a record installation time. Portable stages take a fraction of the time to
build than the traditional modular stage.

If you are planning an event and need mobile stage hire or are looking for stage
hire then look no further, our mobile trailer stages are quick and easy to set up.
Call us today for a Quote 1300 338 368 or visit us at 10/105 Kurrajong Ave,
Mount Druitt, NSW, 2770.

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