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Stage Cover Hire

Our Stage cover hire is the final touch you need for your outdoor event stage hire.

Firstly, the purpose of any outdoor stage cover is to shield the stage. Not only does this protection ensure the safety of everyone who uses the stage hire, but also their av equipment too.  This is because our two types of stage cover hire can handle winds, rain, and harsh sun. This is especially important for any stage hire NSW, since Australia’s weather conditions are constantly changing. So, this stage cover rental is ideal for hosts or an event organiser Sydney that wants to prepare. Secondly, the stage covers have other purposes outside of weather protection too. For instance, they create a large frame around your stage. Due to the stage cover sizes, they create a structure which undoubtedly pops. In other words, our stage cover rental can be easily seen from far away. As a result, it is easier for attendees to see where the entertainment is situated. Thus, it is suitable for major events such as concerts and festivals.  In addition, the stage covers can also come with a backing. The perk of this is that it automatically creates a backdrop for your stage. Therefore, our stage cover rental is multi-functional since it has many applications.


Marquee Stage Cover Hire

Our white stage covering has high durability and is robust. This is because the stage covering material is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is commonly used for marquee hire since it is very strong and ideal for year-round usage. As a result, the properties of this marquee makes sure that it serves its prime purpose: to provide adequate protection from the weather. In addition, the simplistic design of this outdoor stage cover creates a unique shape. Since it is framed like a pentagon, it allows the height of the marquee stage hire to be tall; the height of the white stage covering is 3.5m. So, this marquee stage hire is a fantastic design which provides coverage for grand-scaled performances. Even better, your outdoor stage cover hire will look stylish too!



Sizes of our marquee stage cover hire

We have a range of white stage covering sizes which includes: 6mx3m, 6mx6m, 10mx3m, 10mx6m, 10mx9m. To find out how much to hire a stage cover, click on the ‘add to quote’ button below. Additionally, if you were after some extra marquee hire for your event, do not stress! We have partnerships with marquee suppliers to ensure that you have all your stage hire, marquee hire and party hire needs.

Truss Stage Cover Hire

At Sydney Stage Hire, we like to offer plenty of options to our customers. Due to this, we rent out an alternative covered stage option to our marquees: stage truss hire. The main perk of renting this covered stage is how versatile it is. Not only can it be used to cover a stage, but also, can mount event lighting. This cover does this with ease because of the stage covering material: it has an aluminium box truss structure with a black tarp covering. As a result, the truss cover provides weather protection while bringing your stage set hire together. Even better, since the tarp is black, the stage set up will look professional. In addition, the black colour allows your event lighting to pop and shine off of the tarp. Therefore, this stage truss hire is multi-functional.

Sizes of truss stage cover rental

Similarly to our marquee stage covers, we have a range of sizes in our truss covers. The sizes are as follows: 3.5mx3.5m, 5.5mx4.5m, 7.5mx5.5m. To find out more information about pricing, click on the ‘add to quote’ button below. 



Wanting some sound and Lighting Hire?

Now that you have your stage truss hire, do you need event lighting and sound as well? Well, Sydney Stage Hire has you covered. We have partnerships with event companies who offer sound stage and lighting hire. In other words, we have everything you need to hire a stage for an event outside. Speak with the Sydney Stage Hire team about our concert stage hire. Our service team is ready to assist with any stage hire queries.



Extra Event Hire Services

As a staging event company, we pride ourselves on providing the best rental service. Because of this, we have extra services to make your event hire as simple as possible. As a result, we offer delivery and installation. For an additional cost, our specialist team can deliver, mantle, and dismantle the stage.* The perk with our delivery service it that is ensures you have a stage rental near me. In addition, it helps to minimise any unexpected problems on the day. This is because our team knows all our stage hire products like the back of their hands. So, they can produce a quick stage hire in little time.


Have a tight event schedule?

Moreover, as an event company we aim to work toward your event schedule. So, if you require your staging Sydney to be set up at a particular time, we can do that too.** In short, we aim to provide all-inclusive event hire services that puts our customers first. So, to enquire about our stage cover rental and services, speak with the team. To get in touch with us, head to our contact details page. Alternatively, scroll below to send through either a ‘call back request’ or our ‘get in touch’ form.


*Our hire a stage prices do not include delivery and installation. This will be an additional fee. Pricing for delivery will depend on event timings, location, as well as the event date.

**Specific delivery times is an additional fee.

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