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Sydney Stage Hire is perfect for any event, big or small.

Sydney Stage Hire knows how the job of being an event organiser can often be hectic and overwhelming. This is especially the case if you are unfamiliar with the process of hiring event services and productions. Often, we find that the most successful events are the ones are well planned and consider the final touches. Not only do they consider the stage hire, but also, the decorations, accessories, and hire equipment to accompany it. In other words, the event hire company you choose for your stage rentals is crucial to your events success.   

Remember, any event staging design should consider both the appearance of the stage and the practicality. The stage hire should be functional for your event while also being a quality, strong design. In short, its best to do your research to consider your event stage hire requirements. So, to assist you with your stage hire process, we have outlined some  some factors to consider when planning any stage hire.


Anytime that you are coordinating an event hire, it is always better to have a budget. In knowing what your spending limits are for any event hire, whether it be for a festival stage hire or conference stage hire, you can plan accordingly. Though, another way you can set a budget is through enquiring around. By contacting the Sydney Stage Hire team, you can get an idea of what our cheap stage hire prices are. In addition, you can also ask questions about all our event hire services. That way, you can get a thorough understanding of what any stage hire price entails. Often, the stage hire prices will vary depending on a few factors. For instance, the size of stage, staging accessories, or even sound and lighting hire can affect the overall cost. Adding to this, there generally are other labour related costs too, such as delivery and installation, which should be considered. In short, all these factors will affect what kind of stage hire you go ahead with. 

As a stage rental company, we understand that the cost of any event stage hire is important. So, if you have any questions around our stage hire prices, our team is willing to help! The perk when hiring with us is that we have lost cost stage hire. While our prices are affordable, we do not compromise on quality staging products either. Therefore, contact Sydney Stage Hire today!

Flexibility and Resilience

Another important factor to consider with your stage hire company is their experience. Sometimes uncontrollable situations come about, such as the weather or trouble shooting problems. Due to this, it is important  for any company to have a back-up plan in place. Generally, the more experienced a team is, the more knowledge they have about their stages. So, it is beneficial for you to ensure that your event rental company has these plans in place. 

Hire in Style

In addition, knowing your event design is important for any stage hire. This is because the set up of any stage can affect the size and shape of your stage. Further to this, the design of any stage can also affect the whole feel of an event. Often, an events success depends on the cohesion and ambiance of the event. So, it is best to have a plan, even if it is a rough one, of what you are putting on the stage. 

If you have a designer, it is best to talk to them about the purpose and event design of your stage. By sorting this out, it is easier to tell what kind of event stage hire you are after. In addition, this will help you to know what stage rental company best suits your event hire needs. 

Lighting and Sound Hire

Firstly, lighting and sound hire is an essential part of the event process. This is especially the case where the stage is being used for entertainment purposes. Whether the stage is used for a performer or for a host, it is important part when considering your stage hire. This is because your concert stage hire may need to be larger to accommodate this audio visual equipment. In addition, the sound and lighting you hire elevates any stage to the next level. By having audio visual equipment, your stage performers have a professional and highly functional set up. So, it is best to see if your rental company does hire these items out. 

Sydney Stage Hire in Sydney is your one stop solution to hire products for a party, celebration, function or wedding.

The Height of Your Stage

Another important factor to any event with a stage is the stage height. The platform height of any stage is important to the visibility of your stage performers. This is because a stage hire too low or high will make it difficult for guests to comfortably see the stage. In addition, the stage height also affects the flow and use of the stage. If a stage is too high, it can take longer for groups to enter and exit the stage. So, the height can also affect whether you need stage steps to accompany your stage. In short, it is important to consider how the stage’s height will affect the flow, safety, and visibility of your attendees.


In any type of event, the safety of every participant is paramount. This is especially the case where there is a platform stage. Since there is a height difference between the performers, hosts, and your guests, it is important to consider everyone’s safety. With this, it is important that your staging company has products that consider safety. For instance, check to see if they offer stage steps, crowd control barriers, or guard rails with their stage hire. These products can help to prevent the chances of accidents or hazards from occurring.  In addition, it is important that their installation of your stage hire is thorough too. That way, there is less of a risk of safety guidelines and procedures being overlooked. 

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