Truck Stage With 5.1mX2.56m LED Screen Hire


Hire Truck Stage With 5.1mX2.56m LED Screen

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This truck stage with 5.1mx2.56m LED screen hire is designed for major events such as concerts or festivals. The perk of this package is how well the LED screen hire complements our mobile stage hire. The benefit of our LED screen hire is that it projects bright, clear images on a big screen. The 5.1mx2.56m display screen size ensures that it is viewable at crowd events. In short, LED screens are a fantastic way to communicate with the masses. These LED screens have been used alongside our truck stages in the past. Rest assured, this is a fantastic entertainment package for  large crowd events. So, enquire with the Sydney Stage Hire team today. To get in touch with us, click here. Our team can answer any question about your stage hire, LED screen hire, and our event hire services.

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Truck stage

9M x 7M

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