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We can build your Stage

Stage Hire

The condition of our outdoor stage rental ensures you hire in style

Firstly, due to the construction of our modular portable stages, it is perfect for outdoor conditions. This is because our outdoor stages are built with sturdy, durable, and corrosion resistant materials; similarly to our indoor stage hire, our outdoor stages are made from wooden blocks with aluminium framing. So, it is an amazing outdoor event stage hire. Secondly, these outdoor stages are multi-functional: our customers have used them as part of their public or private event hire. For instance, these outdoor stages have been used at festivals run by councils, music concerts, community cultural events, parties and more. Therefore, our client testimonials are evident of how our outdoor stage for hire is efficient, amazing, and stylish. Thirdly, the perk of hiring from Sydney Stage Hire is that we have equipment hire which complements our outdoor stages. For example, we hire out staging accessories including covering, stairs, podiums, and more. In addition, we have business partnerships so you can get your event hire all in the one place. Rest assured, we have party hire, sound and lighting hire, marquee suppliers, and LED screen hire to match with your outdoor staging Sydney.

Outdoor Stage hire prices

One of the biggest questions our customers ask is “how much does it cost to hire a stage?” 

Well, the prices of our outdoor stage hire depends on the event hire services you are after. For instance, the price can be affected by the size of the stage, the av equipment, or staging accessories your hire. In addition, the outdoor stage hire prices can also be affected by other event hire services such as delivery and installation. In short, the total cost of either a small or large outdoor staging hire depends on your event hire needs. To get an estimated outdoor stage rental price, click on the ‘product pricing’ button below. Alternatively, speak with our Sydney Stage Hire team about how to get a quote. The benefit of retrieving a quote from us is that you can see a price breakdown. As a result, you will know exactly what you are paying for in your outdoor concert stage hire. Moreover, for information on how to get in touch with us, head to our contact details page. 



As an event company who specialises in stages, we know the importance of having a stage that considers safety. As a result, we have stage cover rental to match our outdoor stages. The perk of hiring an outdoor stage cover is that it creates a shelter. So, it helps prevent wind, rain, or heat from affecting the condition of your stage equipment hire and performers too. Thus, our stage cover rentals are ideal for any outdoor festival stage hire.


Types of covered stage

In terms of our stage cover rentals, we have two types: truss stage covers and marquee stage covers. Our truss covers provide shade while making sure that your event lighting can be mounted. As for our marquee covers, they are a sturdy, yet simplistic white stage covering option. Even better, both types of stage covers come in a range of sizes. In short, if you are after a covered stage for the outdoors, we have you covered. To find out more, click on the ‘product pricing’ button below.

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